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EVE: a new electronic platform for exchange

Eve is the French acronym of “Espace virtuel de Echange”, meaning virtual platform for sharing information on projects and results from European Educational and Cultural programmes. Eve is the single information point on European education, culture and youth projects. It showcases millions of projects and their results, which have been funded by the European Commission, in the fields of education, training, culture, youth and citizenship. Eve also contains hundreds of projects funded under the 2000-2006 Education and Culture Programmes: Leonardo da Vinci, Culture 2000, European Active Citizenship, Youth and Socrates (including Comenius, Grundtvig, Erasmus, etc).

Eve is an electronic platform updated by project beneficiaries. Users, who are not only project beneficiaries, have access to a wide range of learning materials, manuals, websites, documents and guidelines, photographs, reports, etc.

Eve is a virtual tool for the dissemination and exploitation of all projects managed by the European Commission in the fields of education, training, culture, youth and citizenship. Eve is therefore available for both the beneficiaries of funded projects and the general public who want to consult the project directory.

Information on legal issues, including intellectual property rights (IPR), the marketing of products and data protection, is explained in the Legal Issues section

Features and advantages of the EVE platform:

●      It offers a single access point to results with plenty of information about projects funded by all the different programmes.

●      It provides multiple benefits for project promoters and their results: better visibility for projects, and improved exploitation and dissemination of results.

●      It is a rich source of information and a tool that improves networking.

Who Eve is intended for and who can access the platform: PROFILES

●      Eve is useful for all actors involved with Education and Culture programmes, as well as the general or specialized public: project coordinators or beneficiaries and students and young people.

●      Educational and training bodies, teachers, trainers, enterprises, researchers, youth and cultural organizations, artists or NGOs.

●      National, regional or local authorities

●      Education and Culture programme managers

●      Decision and policy makers

●      European citizens and the general public

There are two different user profiles:

●      Visitor: registration is not necessary.

This oline guide explains, step by step, how it uses this virtual tool.

●      Promoter / Project Coordinator: Registration is required.

Eve platform is available in English, French and German. Many projects have information in all three languages, but to make searches more efficient, we recommend using the search engine in English.

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