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2nd call for the “ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin” program


The “ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin” program, established under the European Neighbourhood Policy, and its financial instrument (ENPI-European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, Financial Framework 2007-2013) will publish, in December, a second call in 2011 for cross border cooperation projects.

The aim of this program is to promote cross border cooperation and to help in the development of an area of peace and stability among EU Mediterranean Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries. The 15 eligible countries are: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, Palestine, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Syria and Tunisia. Morocco has, to this point, opted not to participate, therefore Moroccan organizations are considered illegible.

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The budget is 173 million euros for the Financial Framework 2007-2013. The program differentiates between strategic projects and standard projects, in terms of subject matter, the minimum number of “partners” and the budget. The current call is for standard projects.

In accordance with the annual funding program (published on 30 March 2011) this call will cover the four main priorities up to the amount of € 38.000.000 in joint financing. The priorities of the strategic projects, as indicated in the strategic Framework of the Operational Program approved on 14 August 2008, by the European Commission, are:

1) Promote the socio-economic development and advancement of the territories: focus on innovation and research in key sectors for participating countries, create synergies between the Mediterranean Sea Basin states and strategies for the consolidation of territorial planning.

2) Promote a sustainable and harmonious cooperation process at Mediterranean Basin level: through the preservation of common natural heritage, the reduction of environmental risk factors, improving efficiency and the promotion of using renewable energies.

3) Improve the conditions and forms of the movement of people, assets and capital in the area:
Support the flow of people between the territories as a cultural, social and economic addition to countries on both sides of the Mediterranean, and improve the conditions and forms of the circulation of merchandise and capital between the territories.

4) Promote cultural dialogue and local government: support the exchange, training, and professional development of the young, and all forms of dialogue between the communities, and also improve local level government procedures.

All the information about this call can be found on the “ENPI BCB Mediterranean Sea Basin” program website.

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