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On the radio, Europe is an island of culture

Boris Meggiorin hosts a motnhly magazine on cultural and creative industries in Europe

Ile d’Europe by Boris Meggiorin

Since the autumn 2014, “Ile d’Europe” is the monthly magazine on cultural and creative industries at Euradionantes, a local radio on European themes in Nantes (France).

I write and host this radio programme as a collaboration between SAMOA, the redevelopment agency of the Island of Nantes, and Euradionantes.

Why culture and creativity?

Arts and culture, and creative industries in general, are employing 3,8% of the EU active population and they generate the 4,4% of the EU28 GDP, as estimated by Eurostat. As much as this is a broad estimation, the impact of culture as a driver for growth and sustainability, permeates all sectors of the economy and especially our eveyday life.

For this reason, Ile d’Europe introduces the general public to cutting-edge initiatives with a different angle. Can design be “evil”? How artistic thinking works in the field of innovation for companies and public administration? Can creativity be the engine of urban regeneration?

These and other questions find an answer in English, French and Spanish at Ile d’Europe, with the participation of relevant thinkers and international voices.

The technical side of the programme is curated by Pierre-Yves Allain of Euradionantes.

The programme is broadcasted every second Thursday of the month, at 19h CET. The podcast is usually available the day after.


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