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Myths of politics and cooperation #2: the golden age

traditionA strong image  to build the consensus against the present situation, the present government (any) or the distribution of power is the myth of the Golden Age. This item is about the memory – or the lack of it – and the “nostalgia” of something that has been lost. We may not actually recall how we felt, but the tangible frustration of the “here” and the “now” can be easily turned into a longing tension to the past. The narration is usually built over two poles, such as city (now) and country (before), economic difficulties (now) and former wealth (before).

The employment of statistics can be additionally curated (to provide examples as an argument) to satisfy a logic that admits only one direction: we need to change (in the next future) to go back. The myth of Golden Age can be related to the category of tradition, without developing the fact that any tradition has been something new, if not even revolutionary, at some point in the past. The transformation of a social practice into a tradition is a strong symbol of power, such as the French revolution and the Marseillaise anthem.

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