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Myths of politics and cooperation #3: the saviour

the saviour in politicsOne single man coming out from the dark and leading the people or the country to a better place… History and literature, in their simplifications, are filled with characters that allegedly shed some light on a -difficult- situation. Moses, Jesus Christ, Akhenaton, Napoleon, JFK…we like to think that one single man has the capacity and the power to take over the collective responsibility and bring society to a higher ground. This myth is still used by current marketing in politics and economics.

Truth is that usually it is a team-work or at least a set of circumstances including several players to produce a change in society. We do need inspiring stories and examples, and luckily we have tons of them. The process of building myths is usually the result of a communication campaign, to deliver a message – often regardless if he is dead or he can confirm it. The lives of saints in Christianity is an example. And ancient Greeks had already their on literary genre, the “Mythopoeia” as a way to build a narrative between history and fantasy.

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